VApeak – A multipurpose software for both electroanalysis and material science

VApeak is able to drive all our potentiostats and voltammetric/polarographic analysers. Older products are still supported with RS232 to USB adapters. The software has been designed by electroanalytical chemists for researchers and professional users, in collaboration with University of Insubria. VApeak combines user-friendly interface with the most advanced analytical features, taking customer experience to the next level.

  • Wide range of electrochemical techniques (coltammetric, potentiometric, amperometric and more) 
  • Phase-selective lock-in detection for AC voltammetry
  • In-situ pH and temperature measurement
  • Integrated data processing and analysis
  • Automatic peak or sigmoid detection
  • Height or area computation for quantitative analysis
  • Background substraction with linear or non-linear baseline
  • Advanced data manipulation (mathematics, integration & differentiation, spike smoothing and digital
    signal filters)
  • Full control of external accessories (Rotating Disk Electrode, flow pumps and dispensers)
  • Free of charge for AMEL customers
  • Fully compatible with windows 7/8/10
  • Linux and MacOS versions are under development
Amel VA-Peak software