AMEL - Chemistry
AMEL - Chemistry
AMEL - Chemistry
AMEL - Chemistry
AMEL - Chemistry

AMEL: awarded for unique and legendary quality

AMEL has been producing integrated systems and standalone instruments since 1959. Our solutions find application both in professional and research laboratories. The company has developed top-notch equipment and support service thanks to a long-term collaboration with different electrochemical realities and universities, among which Politecnico di Milano and Università degli Studi dell’Insubria. Our highly flexible research and development department is able to delive ad-hoc solutions perfectly tailored to your needs in order to optimize customer’s experience. All our products satisfy ISO9001 quality system, along with its further developments.

Instruments for Electrochemistry

  • Microprocessor-based laboratory potentiostats for routine measurements and advanced research
  • Full line of ancillary equipment for difficult tasks
  • Portable units for in-situ measurements
  • High-power units for batteries and renewable energy

Electroanalytical Instruments

  • Trace analysers for heavy metals and compounds
  • Polarographic equipment
  • Full software control
  • Complete line of specialty electrodes

Chemical Analysis

  • Table-top and portable instruments
  • pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ion measurements
  • Robust products for everyday use
  • Ease of maintenance

Glassware & Electrodes 

  • General purposes, ASTM and voltammetry cells
  • Hydrodynamic cell for localized measurements
  • Full range of electrodes for laboratory and industrial applications
  • Miniaturized electrodes for special applications
  • High-temperature and high-pressure Reference, Working and Counter Electrodes

AMEL Software

  • VApeak
  • ZPulse