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Labs & Facilities, a solid-ground reliability

AMEL’s main labs & facilities are placed in Milano city, easily reachable by car, by train and plane (the site is nearest Linate Airport). Production and final test lines are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Quality is also assured by ISO and Accredia certifications.

The Staff deploys 20 well-trained technicians, 5 in the Research and Development deparment, with in-house chemistry lab for methods developement. Amel is an active research partner of primary Italian Universities.

Research has always been Amel’s main focus.

An active and on-going information exchange with the most respected and advanced scientific research laboratories, enables Amel to maintain high production standards and to incorporate the most advanced technological solutions.
Our constant dedication to research has enabled the firm to anticipate and realize highly innovative applications; in fact, various measurements techniques and circuitry applications that are common today, actually originated in Amel’s laboratories in Milan.