Brand New 4330

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Brand New 2549

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Water Treatment Final Solution

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New Video Tutorials for Amel 4330

Jun 20, 2012

Amel is proud to annunce a brand new video tutorials page inside the “support” section of this site. Today we have inserted a new instruction video series for Amel 4330 Trace Analyser, in oder to give you a better info about how to start, set-up, begin and manage a complete analysis, and finally how to clean and storage the device after usage. All the video tutorials are available both in English than in Italian. Also they are stored on YouTube web site for a better sharing. Open and discover our brand new video section inside the support menu.

Please, let us know if you appreciate our new service: your feedback is paramount important for us.

Our products in evidence

4330/P - Potentiostat-Galvanostat + Polarographic Analyzer

A Brand new “one size fits all” tool

4330Pfoto433IU_sThe Polarographic Analyzer Model 4330/P combines two instruments for electrochemical trace analysis of heavy metals in organic compounds.
Thank to the electronic evolution AMEL have combines both voltammetric and polarographic techniques with Potentiometric ones (PSA Potentiometric stripping analysis)
In this way it is now possoible to select the most appropriate technique to carry out the analysis. With Model 4330/P you may perform analysis of heavy metals in organic compounds at μg/l. level. The instrument is supplied with Windows® software.

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2549 - Potentiostat-Galvanostat

brand new 2549

2549: Price and Performance

Performative, flexible and affordable !

The AMEL Model 2549 comes out to complete the new line of AMEL potentiostats.

This Model has been conceived to give a good compromise in price and application, allowing to  perform both simple test and classical electrochemical measurements.

Model 2549 is supplied complete with AMELSCOPE software that allows to perform static techniques:  potentiostatic, galvanostatic, chrono amperometry  chrono potentiometry, chrono coulometry, OCV.

An additional software Voltascope  (to be purchased separately) allows also dynamic techniques: voltammetry, linear scan, tafel, RP and staircase..

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